IERA UK Introduce My Prayer Project at New Muslims Retreat

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iERA is an international dawah organisation committed to educating and informing humanity about the truth and noble message of Islam.

iERA was conceived in 2008 by a group of concerned Muslims who had been involved in Islam dawah and community work for many years. It was launched the following year and has the support of the major international scholars and da’ees, such as Abdurraheem Green, Dr Bilal Phillips, Hussein Yee, Yusef Chambers and Dr Tawfique Chowdhury.

iERA introduced the My Prayer Project through one of their Dawah initiatives, Muslim Now.  Muslim Now has been created to ensure that every new Muslim enjoys the best experience of Islam. We aim to provide support to anyone accepting Islam to ensure that they are surrounded with a caring community to help them and make the transition as easy as possible so that they can build a solid understanding of the foundations of Islam.

The My Prayer pack was used at the New Muslims Retreat held each year to allows attendees to break from everyday’s preoccupations and surroundings to focus on learning about the foundations of Islam and your private relationship with Allah. The Islam Essentials Retreat is held for duration of 4 days. A typical day starts at Fajr prayer with Quran & Prayer workshops and thereafter lessons are held throughout the day with meals and short breaks. Daily recreational breaks are also in place to ensure team building activities for the students.

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